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Jennifer DiCamillo is the author of 37 books and has won over 215 writing awards. She’s a writer, poet, playwright, and motivational speaker. Her works span the genres: romance, mystery, science fiction, paranormal, young adult, children’s, non-fiction, even humor. The only thing she doesn’t write is horror.

“My mind just doesn’t work creepy,” she says. “I have never been into gore, either.”


DiCamillo is the mother of five children and grandmother of eight. She’s been married 36 years to her high school sweetheart. And she has one four pound girl yorkie named Pixie Styx and a big old paint blue eyed paint stallion named W.C. (WildCard).

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Dragons Rising

KEV, a twelve year old boy, can only imagine what dragons are like. He, and his friend, TAY, and a girl of the same age, JORDY, live in Dragool, a primitive, desert village that lies in front of where the dragons sleep.

Deep within the belly of the planet Balfune, under tons of rock in shadowed caverns, the dragons stir. Hundreds of them open their eyes and stretch, and let out bad breath. For them, it is morning. A dragon’s night, a hundred human years, has passed. They are hungry. Their stomachs grumble. Some of them are cranky. Most of them are cave-blind. As they move around inside the Smalling Mountains, the ground outside rumbles, and quakes.

What happens when they come out will have Kev and Tay and Jordy running for their lives! But where can they hide?


Thirteenth century Wales was a volatile place to live. At best, the clans found uneasy peace through marital alliances. At worst, it was taken by force. More often than not, the fields were made rich through the blood of generations. The price of peace? Sometimes unbearable payments -- made in installments. And sometimes ... The Price of Peace had to be paid in full. The people of Gwynedd don't bury their dead easily. The wheels of war were already in motion. To stem the flow of blood at Axtyn's gates, Rob and Carys were forced into marriage. It was the only way to save their clan's people from certain slaughter. But who or what could save them from each other? Honor? Loyalty? True love? Sometimes living day to day for what you value is harder than dying for it. Take heart Destiny doles out its own rewards--but it doesn't come cheap.


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